Beer is just like water in Pittsburgh. It’s the place to go for authentic German tasting beer without having to travel thousands of miles away across the globe. It’s a great place to be spending Oktoberfest so book a flight in Pittsburgh and stay in a Pittsburgh apartment to join in the festivities.

Although there are quite a lot of establishments that serve beer to their customers in the city, there are only 2 companies that produce the best beer. These companies are Penn Brewery which is famous for hosting the yearly Oktoberfest is located at the city’s North Side district and Hofbranhaus which provides the most authentic German tasting beer in the area.

Besides beer, the city also offers the best tasting coffee in the state of Pennsylvania. Coffee lovers will definitely enjoy a variety of freshly made coffee in some of the best known coffee shops in the area. These include Kiva Han in Oakland, Coffee Train in Squirrel Hills and Shadyside, Nicholas Coffee in Downtown Pittsburgh, La Prima Espresso in Strip District and Crazy Mocha in several locations around the city. pittsburgh seo company

Also, there are numerous activities to do in the city. You’ll only need to know where to look because each district in Pittsburgh has something unique to offer. Downtown Pittsburgh is famous for being the city’s historic, economic and culture center. It’s where you’ll find some of the city’s museums as well as commercial buildings that have made it into the Forbes list of Fortune 500 companies. At the city’s East End, you’ll find numerous parks and residential neighborhoods. There are also shopping malls and small shops and restaurants. North Side of the city is a home to even more museums and the South Side which contains the most popular residential neighborhoods where you might find a good Pittsburgh apartment during your stay.

Moreover, the city is multicultural making it rich not only in culture but in its history as well. As a matter of fact, it’s because of these immigrants that Pittsburgh now has a different style in apartment buildings, restaurants, and skyscrapers. The designs for these structures are influenced by them and by wealthy industrialists.