How high are you setting your bar?

Are you making your life a conscious choice for a life well lived?

“Setting the bar” is a phrase that refers to the goal we are trying to achieve. digitaalinen markkinointi

Years ago, I learned something I didn’t really allow myself to admit – or even tell others about – until now.

It defied what I had been told about working hard to get ahead.

Ultimately, it became a lesson in how I was “setting the bar”, and not selling myself short…

Rising to the Top
In my first job, I absentmindedly ‘set my bar’ at the level that management had set. I aligned myself with ‘the goal’.

Then I attended a national conference. I quickly found that there were several people that were doing multiple times what I had done, going far beyond the business goals and ‘going where no man (or woman) had gone before’!

Raising the Bar
And then I did something you won’t find in any positive mental attitude books.

No, I didn’t put my written goals all over my home or in my car. I didn’t meditate on success and do just 1% more every day. I changed my focus to a new level of expectation. gardenfrontier

I spent each day not unlike the year before, but the results were drastically changing. I raised the bar and the rest came from the inspiration that aligned with that intention.

By the end of the year, I could see the results and I was overjoyed with what is now called the Law of Attraction!

Could it really be that simple?

Are our lives truly affected by our intention and where each of us sets our bar?

If I told anyone about this when I was that young, I would have crumbled at the criticism!

Where does it say that life is meant to be hard? inrealtor

A Visit with My Friend
I recently visited a friend and we spent the afternoon relaxing in her beautiful and magical garden. It was one of those special moments when you stop what you are doing and just enjoy the fresh breeze and warm spring air.

Baby flowers were just beginning to bloom and the flower beds had all been cleaned to allow the sun to nurture the budding plants.

She talked to me about how utterly content she was looking back on her life, how she had grown up with a loving family who played games and had fun together. She spoke of her wonderful children and the partners in her life that were so very special and loving to her. furzly

She had experienced grief, sadness, joys and laughter like most of us, but something was different.

Creating a Magical Garden, Inside and Out
I saw the loving glow of a blessed life in her eyes and felt such a sense of peace and appreciation for all that she had shared with me that day.

It occurred to me that long ago, possibly even before she was born, she had set her bar for a life well lived… and once again I wondered if it could be that simple.

Could all of life, even our personal life be affected by our focus?

If you could reset your current experience, where would you set your bar?

In other words, if you could go to a new frontier where no man or woman had gone before, what would that be?

I am resetting mine again as I am writing this to you!

Life is never dull when you feel for inspiration!

Barbara Alexander is the Founder and Director of Epona Ridge, Teacher and Leading Innovator of Equine Experiential Learning and Coaching for Advanced Human Development. bitpapa

Epona Ridge is a sanctuary retreat center for personal inspiration and rejuvenation located in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Programs offer life visioning, personal energy awareness, leadership skills, Reiki certification, train the trainer for facilitators, various personal growth workshops and women’s retreats.