There are a few standard ways to start a blog and depending on your needs there are a few different systems that you might look at as the best blog start out kit.

But, what is the best for you and your blog? Well may not what I think is the bes fusionblogt for me. We all have different technical abilities and skills to fall back on. For me, I always start a new blog with To me, this is the best blogging platform above all others, but it does require some technical skills so if you are just starting out in the blogging world, it might not be for you.

Use a ready made hosted blog
Instead, use an off the shelf blog on a hosted platform. The two biggest and best known are Blogger and With both of these, you can just sign up for an account, select a name for your blog and then choose a template for your blog.

Further down the line you can customise your blog more, but this is enough to get your blog running. So, which is the best? omegawriter

Thinking of the future
A lot of bloggers will look to blogging as a way of earning a bit more cash. For this, you may want to install AdSense blocks, include paid advertising or take part in paid posting schemes. And this is where the deciding factor as to which is the best blog start out kit is.

If you sign up to (as opposed to, which you install on your own hosting) and take the time to read the terms and conditions, you will discover that you are not allowed to include paid advertising on a blog.

So the best quick and easy blog start out kit in my opinion is Blogger.

Starting with Blogger
Go to and sign up for an account, choose you blog name and get blogging. I recommend it as a start up kit because it really is easy to use and once you are up and running the settings are easy to change to customise it for your own uses. There are also monetisation options to include your Google AdSense code very quickly so that you can earn commissions there. universalblogs

But if you are wanting to really get into blogging long term then a domain name using a blogger subdomain does not look that good and give the impression you really want to give. But being the great tool that it is, Blogger has a way around that built in. For more info please visit these sites :-

Flick through the settings and you will find that you can sign up for your own blog URL through the system, or use any URL you have registered elsewhere. In a few easy steps you have your own blog name, a layout that you want and opportunities to monetise the blog. All in a few minutes.