The claims of his coming to earth as the Son of God and that he is part of a Trinity is as weird, wild, and inconceivable as any of the lies and hype of religious origin. Some note that he died on a cross to shed his blood to wipe away sin and that only through blood can such be forgiven. To top it off they purport that he  knowledgehype arose after death and then ascended into heaven were he sits on a throne on the right hand of God.

For any of this to be true there has to be a Trinity God and the Old Testament determines that such is wrong. Perhaps those who persist in the notion have not read the following.

“I am God and beside me there is no one else.” Isaiah 45:4

My research followed my reincarnation and knowledge that there is no heaven or hell. That means that the idea of his ascension to heaven is also fake. The question then is; did he exist at all, and if so what was his purpose? gossipcare

With a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe, the real God, it commissioned me to remove the wall of blindness that religions have built. It also told me to take God off the cross. To do that I needed to know the identity of the one who put up the story. It happened that a vision showed me his name and number when these words stood up in the air before my face: CONSTANTINE IS 666

While believers in the religious story might ridicule the notion of a woman performing this task they should examine the following as a promise from the Spirit:

“How long wilt thou go about… for God has created a new thing in the earth, A woman will compass a man.” Jeremiah 32:22

That man is Constantine and what he did was to establish the Catholic Church in 325 AD and to invent Jesus Christ, as noted in Revelation 13:12-18. He based this religion of the Islamic one of Babylon, of which he was a follower. He ensured the worship of Mary, the Mother God of that city, by making her Mother of God. This oxymoron is a trap to catch him out.

“A snare is laid for him in the ground and a trap for him in the way.” Job 18:10

There are many other things to snare him for what he did. The first is knowledge that space craft provides. That is that there is no heaven or hell in the cosmos. They exist only in people’s minds where their imagination has been given fertile ground.

The next hurdle the religious cohorts can’t breach is the size of the Universal Spirit, which is in every part of space. God is not earthbound and the extent of the universe is such that only a mighty and powerful force could produce it. At the time when the story of Jesus Christ was invented the earth was flat and the sky was an ocean in which the celestial bodies sailed the heavens. For more info please visite Here:- odorix

Religious institutions are based on the premise that the sun rotates around the earth and that creation happened in seven days. With these myths overridden by modern knowledge one can rest assured that the story of Jesus Christ is a made up conglomeration of lies and mind control.