The only trouble with garden composting is that you spend all that time researching the perfect garden composter only to find that that once you start you need another one. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re buying or making your garden compost bin – you will always eventually want another one to go with it! techpiled

Really two bins is the absolute minimum needed by any gardener. Oh, you can make do with one (I have, I just didn’t like it), but you will need an ‘organic matter storage area’. Lets face it if you’re making a huge pile of stuff which will at some point go into a compost bin you may as well turn it into a compost heap of its own or (the easier solution) buy or make another garden compost bin to cut out the middle man. realisticmag

Ideally we should be adding all our kitchen scraps and garden waste to a compost bin over a matter of a few months. Then when its full up we need to leave it alone for another few months to decompose into that lovely garden compost we’re after. This leaves us with the conundrum of what to do with all the new waste we make during these few months:

Storage Ready for Hot Composting

If you store all your organic matter out in the open it will break down a little but not much. Then when your garden composter has been emptied of newly created hummus you can fill it up with your huge pile of barely rotted compost making ingredients. Because you’re putting a lot of matter into the bin in one go you will find it gets hot really quickly and will decompose much more quickly than your first ‘slow burn’ approach to filling the compost bin. mommasays

Many people love this ‘hot compost’ approach to garden composting. It does create rich, well rotted compost very quickly. But add to that the hassle factor of an open pile of debris cluttering up the garden, attracting wildlife and you may find hot compost not worth the effort.
Open Compost Heap

Of course while your snazzy new-fangled garden composter is doing its job of breaking down your organic waste you could opt for the lower tech approach. Simply create an open compost heap and use that whilst your compost bin is out of action. For more Info please visit these sites:-

But, this gives you much slower compost and it means you need to animal proof the heap or build yourself some kind of box.

Get Another Garden Compost Bin

This is the obvious answer. Get another bin to sit next to the first one. Then you should always have one being added to and one rotting down. But, once you go down this route you may find you don’t have time to use the compost ready in the first bin, the second one is full and now you need a third to add your waste too. When this blog started I was the proud owner of three compost bins but now I have four, plus a storage area for clippings I don’t want to add in one go!