Paraphrasing Forrest Gump: “Momma always said life is like a bouquet. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

It used to be when flower bouquet was mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is a rose bouquet. It’s good to send as it conveys a message; it’s good to look at, good to smell until it withers and finally dies… sometimes leaving you empty.

But over a decade now, the new trend is edible bouquets. A flower bouquet made from chocolates, candy, cookies or fresh fruits will always be received with amazement. Edible bouquets have become enthralling alternatives to a flower bouquet. Unlike flowers, 7mgg you do not have to worry about the right color, the right type and the right number to deliver the message you want expressed. Flowers wilt, their petals fall off, and ultimately they die. With edible bouquets, it might be gobbled up within a few minutes, but at least it satisfies and may leave the recipient (even you) wanting more.

Edible bouquets are the gift for all ages, all sexes and all occasions – from babies to grandparents, from girlfriend to boyfriend, from brother to sister. You do not even need a reason to buy edible bouquets. Many people buy chocolate just to give themselves a treat. manguerose

Edible bouquets come in many varieties, shapes and sizes. But they’re all mouthwatering while still reminding you of the artistry and elegance of a flower bouquet.

Chocolate Bouquet. Chocolate is irresistible and that makes it one of the most popular gifts for any occasion. From the small pieces of squares to now complicated designs of roses and daisies, WHO CAN RESIST this combination of smooth decadent chocolate with the beauty and color of flowers? These edible bouquets are the best way to say Thank You or I’m Sorry. Chocolate do have health benefits. We have a feeling of well-being after eating chocolate. It is also mood elevating – it is the quintessential comfort food. roomidea

Candy Bouquet. Flowers and candy have always been a great combination. These edible bouquets are an arrangement of candy, cellophane and sometimes a toy or two. Simple or startling, these edible arrangements are ideal as corporate gifts where your corporate merchandise can be included and colors can be themed around your corporate colors. They’re also ideal to say Thank YouGet Well or really, any occasion. spaice

Fruit Bouquet. Wouldn’t a fruit bouquet on a buffet table whet your appetite? These edible bouquets are perfect to satisfy anyone’s longing for great food. There are many fresh fruits making up these  such as pineapples, mangoes, bananas, grapes, melons, strawberries, oranges, berries. It’s an easy way to enjoy the goodness of fruits – they’re already peeled and cut ready for eating. As beautiful as flowers, as artistically shaped as flower petals, fruit bouquets are healthier. Fruits are good sources of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. When you send these edible bouquets of fruits, it signifies that you’re looking out for a friend. They make great Get Well gifts, too.

Cookie Bouquet. Individually cellophane-wrapped cookies may be designed to resemble a flower or the cookies arranged around a theme, like smiley faces to say Get Well. Every cookie may also have different flavors. It’s a fun bouquet, and brings out the child in everyone.

Think outside the square, keep them guessing. But with treats like this, you’ll always be sure the message you convey is nothing but consistent — what message could there be except one of sweet sentiments and regards?