Some of the best places in the world to go touring around include cities with canals, creeks, ponds and lakes, each one usually more picturesque than the other. Dubai is definitely not a city to be excluded from this fascinating list.

I remember the first Dubai dhow cruise I stepped upon. It was during my first trip to the city-state a few years back and a dhow cruise was pretty much a novelty for me back then. The short trip was held in a magnificently decorated wooden boat, called a dhow (which I learned later). book a cruise

The people who had done the Dubai dhow tour booking for me were one of the best in the city (as I was informed). My one night of entertainment on board an exotic Dubai dhow cruise was guaranteed and by the end of the night, I was in complete agreement.

A typical Dubai, UAE dhow cruise has not changed since all those years ago and today has more if not less, options for tourists and visitors to enjoy.

Depending on the Dubai dhow tour booking you make, your cruise will have a menu that will have either traditional, continental or gourmet food or multi-cuisine. Mild beverages and alcohol is served on board a Dubai boat tour as well.

Entertainment again, ranges from traditional belly dancing and music to modern bands and recorded music. It would be smart to check the entertainment options before booking though, For more info plese visit here:- cruises booking
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Hot Tubs
book a cruise in case you would like a quite evening on board the dhow.

Dhow dinner tours in Dubai differ according to the tour operator and cruise company. Additionally, honeymooning couples will prefer entertainment different from a family group. Do decide what you want before you book.